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Who We Are

The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement builds on extensive university-wide research and represents strong institutional engagement with one of the greatest societal challenges of the 21st Century, that of human movement, dispersal, mobility, and migration. Our goal is to create an trans-disciplinary centre of research excellence.

Our Core Team

Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe

Director and Co-Founder of the Centre

Director of the Institute of Criminology and Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Processes of criminalisation of women trafficked into the UK and criminal justice system responses

01223 335 377
Dr. Tugba Basaran Dr. Tugba Basaran

Deputy Director of the Centre

Research on borders, violence, law and liberties.

Di Kennedy

Research Administrator

Centre administration, website development, social media, events, grant applications and reporting


Our Steering Group

The transdisciplinary nature of our Steering Group illustrates the University's broad commitment to the study of Global Human movement. 

Dr. Maria Abreu

Department of Land Economy

Drivers of individual migration decisions; internal migration and local labour markets; migrant entrepreneurship and ethnic enclaves; local communities, integration, and place-based policies.

Prof. Madeleine Arnot Emeritus Professor Madeleine Arnot

Co-Founder of the Centre

Emeritus Professor in Education

Research on the education of refugee and asylum-seeking children in the UK since the mid 1990s

01223 767644

Dr. Gemma Burgess

Acting Director of Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
Department of Land Economy

The relationship between housing and ageing, and equality issues more broadly.

Dr. Adam P. Coutts

Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Public policy in the Middle East and North Africa; Syrian refugee health crisis and assessing quality of humanitarian responses.
Dr. Paolo Campana

Institute of Criminology

Lecturer in Criminology and Complex Networks

Organised crime and forms of extra-legal governance; corporate crime and fraud; trust, reputation and mechanisms of cooperation in illegal settings; human trafficking and smuggling.

Dr. Alice Hutchings

Department of Computer Science & Technology

The use of fraudulently obtained airline tickets, and the link to human smuggling and trafficking.

Dr. Caroline Lanskey

Lecturer in Applied Criminology
Yongcan Liu Dr. Yongcan Liu

Associate Director of the Centre

Faculty of Education
Community/heritage language education.

01223 767 692

Jenny Mander Dr. Jenny S. Mander

Associate Director of the Centre

Department of French
Senior Lecturer
Modern language education and teaching publications in early modern Europe.

Dr William O'Reilly Dr. William O'Reilly Faculty of History
History of European migration, colonialism and imperialism, and human trafficking.
01223 765 956
Prof. Susan Robertson Professor Susan L. Robertson

Faculty of Education
Specialises in education trade.