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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement


This project aims to reflect broadly on questions of social isolation and cultural exchange through the theoretical, philosophical and historical lens of hospitality. 

More specifically we focus on the central place within the practice and theory of hospitality of storytelling between 'strangers'.  We explore both the beneficial and also more toxic dimensions of storytelling in the construction, expression and transformation of individual and community identities, drawing insights from our research on the Ancient World and Early Modern Europe for British society today.  We are interested in probing the particular challenges and opportunities presented by contexts where different languages are spoken.


This project initiated with a series of workshops which included:


Convenor: Dr Jenny Mander (Modern and Medieval Languages)

Participants: The research creates an innovative framework for networking and knowledge exchange between academics, professionals and other stakeholders foregrounding the power of storytelling to shape individual and collective identities in ways that can promote or hinder personal growth and well-being, social integration and cultural exchange.  Professionals include local government official, health professionals, jurists, artists and travel writers amongst others.