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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement



Convenor: Tugba Basaran (Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement)

Innovative use of digital technologies is crucial for addressing societal challenges. A core area of our research and practice is the digital inclusion of refugees and displaced, co-led with researchers and practitoners.

Theme 1: Digital skills and digital work, co-led by Lorraine Charles, focuses on the acquisition of digital skills and opportunities presented by remote work for refugee populations. The rise and spread of digital work now provide an opportunity to develop scalable, sustainable and replicable models for refugee job creation. Technology has the potential to create and facilitate jobs for many, including refugees. Yet, this potential has not been fully realised. This project aims to examine how digital work can impact the lives of refugees and what effects it can have on the ecosystem including the individual, their community, and the host country.

Theme 2: Digital financial inclusion is key to providing sustainable solutions and building long-term resilience aimed at improving the livelihoods of refugees and IDPs, often still excluded from financial services. The global growth in financial and mobile technologies combined with an expanding technological infrastructure can facilitate displaced populations to experience increased financial inclusion through efficient, transparent and cost-effective digital financial services.

Theme 3: Digital innovation and ecosystems focuses on supporting digital innnovations for and by refugees.

Participants: This is an interdisciplinary group open to participants from different departments of the university.

Partnerships: We are open to collaboration with international organisations, non-profit and for-profit partners.