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Mr Jude Alawa

Mr Jude Alawa

MPhil Candidate in Public Health, Department of Public Health and Primary Care. University of Cambridge


Jude Alawa is an MPhil candidate studying public health at Cambridge as a Rotary Scholar and a Fox Fellow. He is a recent graduate of Yale University, where he studied Global Affairs and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, with a concentration in Global Health. Originally from Damascus, Syria, he grew up in Miami, Florida and is particularly interested in medicine, global health, and public policy, specifically with respect to increasing access to healthcare for marginalized populations and developing interventions that promote health equity. Previously, he has worked for the National Health Service in London evaluating and implementing new models of community healthcare, for the Council on Foreign Relations researching domestic and global health policy, and for Pharos Global Health Advisors devising interventions to address international health disparities. His most recent work has focused on providing water purification devices to Syrian refugee camps and developing interventions to improve chronic disease care among refugees in Lebanon and Turkey.

Research Interests

Jude's interests in migration revolve around promoting health systems strengthening and health equity, particularly in the treatment of chronic illnesses, among conflict-affected and displaced populations