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Dr Armando Aliu

Dr Armando Aliu

Senior Lecturer, Principal Investigator. Graduate School of Foreign Trade, Istanbul Commerce University


Dr. Armando Aliu is a Senior Lecturer in the Graduate School of Foreign Trade at Istanbul Commerce University. He holds a PhD Degree from Istanbul Commerce University, Department of International Commerce and the European Union Law. His PhD dissertation is entitled "Competence, Migration Governance and Collaboration in the Balkans and Turkey: Migration and Refugees Issues from the European Union Law Perspective." He holds an M.A. degree in European Studies from the University of Hamburg in Germany. His M.A. Dissertation is entitled "Controlling Migration and Hybrid Model: A Comparison of Western Balkans and North African Countries." In his dissertation he argued migration flows and asylum issues in frame of empirical, analytical and political comparisons of Western Balkans and North African countries.

Dr. Aliu was a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Postgraduate Scholar at the University of Heidelberg in Germany (2011-2014). During his study and research at the University of Heidelberg he attended to many postgraduate lectures and seminars in various faculties and institutes. Based on one year contract (2011-2012) he was a DAAD investigator in the Schumpeter Project: Constitutional Reasoning in Europe (The JUDINST Project: Assessing Judicial Institutions and Judicial Performances: The Case for Judicial Review) at Max-Planck-Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. At the institute, he also worked independently on a project entitled "Hybridity Project: Innovative Governance and Controlling Migration: Triple Win Solution for the EU, the Western Balkans and North African Countries" (2012-2013).

In 2017, he was a Visiting Study Fellow in the Department of International Development, IMI at the University of Oxford. As principal investigator, he is currently conducting several large-scale practical research projects.

He is Outstanding Peer of Tourism Management (Elsevier), Recognised Peer of Annals of Tourism Research (Elsevier), Recognised Peer of Globalization and Health (Springer), Recognised Peer of Journal of International Migration and Integration (Springer), Recognised Peer of Journal of Travel Medicine (Oxford University Press), Recognised Peer of Current Issues in Tourism (Taylor and Francis – Routledge) and Recognised Peer of International Journal of Tourism Research (Wiley). Likewise, he is a Reviewer of Innovation and Impact (De Gruyter Open), Cogent Social Sciences (Taylor and Francis) and Tourism and Management Studies (Algarve, Portugal), Istanbul Commerce University Journal of Social Sciences. He is an Editorial Board member of International Journal of Business Policy & Governance (Scholedge) and Social Sciences Advisory Board member of Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Research Interests

Migration and refugee studies, asylum and immigration law, European studies and the EU law, multilevel governance, tolerance, hybrid identities, morality and ethics, social space, world society and world system paradigms, global civil society, cosmopolitanism, ethnic diversity, ethnic enclaves, human rights activism, Habermasian public sphere, sociology of law, neo-Kantian hospitality, stakeholder approach and so on.