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Dr. Bayar is an assistant professor at the College of International Studies at the American University of Kurdistan and has 15 years of expertise in supervising and teaching undergraduate and master degree students in various universities such as the University of Dohuk, University of Zakho and the University of Salahaddin. Dr. Bayar taught Turkey and Iran Politics, Modern History of Europe, Political History of Kurdistan/Iraq, international Issues. He is currently active in two projects: Politics of Kurds and Kurdistan since 2003, Survival and Societal Transformation among the Yazidis after the last genocide. Dr. Bayar expanded his academic research and wrote in the field of Middle East Politics. He has been working as an advisor at International Middle-East Peace Research Center (IMPR) since 2012. He is also a member of the steering committee of the Center for Peace and Human Security (CPHS) at the American University of Kurdistan (AUK). In addition to that, he has worked in Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the ‘Turkey division’ as a diplomat (2010 – 2013).
He has published numerous articles on American, Turkish, and Kurdish politics as well as four books. His latest books Foreign Relations and Regional Politics of KRG and Turkey, US, and the War in North Kurdistan: 1984-1999 will be available soon.
Dr. Mustafa is also AHDA fellow of the at the institute if Humans Rights at Colombia University.


I have conducted a number of field researches with a number of international Foundations and universities. The most recent ones are 1. Participation in the Tearfund, Queen Margaret University, AUK and UoD’s collaborative research project on “Peace-building, Gender and Social Connections in Kurdistan, targeting Yazidi Community”. 2. research project funded by Coventry University (UK.) on “Return Migration to Iraqi Kurdistan”. 3. Survey process in Duhok and Nineveh Provinces on Kurdistan Region’s Independence Referendum planned and implemented by the Institute of Media & Political Research (IMPR) and Center for Peace and Human Security (CPHS) at the American University of Kurdistan (AUK). 4. Supervising the survey process in Sinjar Provinces on Kurdistan Region’s Independence Referendum, planned and implemented by Center for Peace and Human Security (CPHS) at (AUK). 5. Team leader at “Project of security forces of KRG in Sinjar and disputed areas” funded by Harvard University. 6. in collaboration with two of my colleagues from London school of economics and University of Central Florida (UCF) have got a grant to conduct a research entitled “After the Last “Firman”: Victimhood, Survival, and Societal Transformation among the Yazidis".

Lecturer and Research Associate, International Studies, The American University of Kurdistan
Dr Bayar  Mustafa

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