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Ms Cláudia Araújo

Ms Cláudia Araújo

PhD candidate, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon.


I am a doctoral candidate on Global Studies, at NOVA University of Lisbon – my research focus on the interaction between social movements and local authorities in migration governance. I have a masters on Migrations, Inter-ethnicities and Transnationalism also from NOVA University and two honours degrees, one in French and African Studies at FLUL, another at Tourism Management at IPVC.

Research Interests

I and researching the interactions between migrants´ rights social movements and local government, in a comparative perspective between the cities of Lisbon, Barcelona and Brussels, feeding from my master´s thesis on transnational activism for the rights of migrant women in the context of the European Union, focusing on NGOs and civil society responses to EU policy.