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Dr Fathi Bourmeche

Dr Fathi Bourmeche

Assistant Professor, English Department. Faculty of Letters and Humanities, University of Sfax


Fathi Bourmeche, PhD, Assistant Professor at University of Sfax, Faculty of Letters and Humanities. I have been delivering lectures and seminars to undergraduate and graduate students on British and American societies for more than ten years. In the American context, courses cover discovery of the New World, the Colonial Era, the American Revolutionary War, the New Republic, the American Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrialization and the Great Depression, in addition to US Foreign policy. As for Britain, courses and seminars are focused on the British constitutional monarchy and government, political parties, elections, pressure groups and the media, in addition to the second British Empire, including its role in India, Africa and the Middle East. I have also delivered lectures on Historiography to postgraduates in the English Department, covering various themes, including the American Civil War, the English Reformation and so on. I have taken part in a number of international conferences, some of which held in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and conducted research on Eastern Europeans in the US, as a visiting scholar at Penn State University, Erie, Pennsylvania.

Research Interests

Migrants and their impact on host societies. Conducted research on the influx of Eastern Europeans into Britain and Brexit and EU migration.