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Mr Jay Merja

Mr Jay Merja

PhD Candidate, Department of Management Studies, Sardar Patel Univarsity,


Jay is a self-focused and enthusiastic entrepreneur, owns and runs technology-based logistic firm which solves problems of pricing, the supply of logistics vehicles on time, security of goods and services. Jay is an engineer by education, currently Ph.D. Doctoral Researcher in the field of education and management, also possess PGDM in Business Entrepreneurship from EDI and Master in Journalism & Mass-Communication. He has worked with the National Innovation Foundation as a Project Manager for grass-root level innovations. He has done various research projects related to Education, Product development, and Entrepreneurship. He is an active contributor to the startup ecosystem of Gujarat. Jay is also working as Associate Editor of Engineering Magazine named IEEE Potential Magazine & Board member of IEEE Ethics & Policy in Technology.

Jay is a global shaper of Ahmedabad hub actively involved in Hub project named Swajan Surakhsh which benefit people working in the unorganized sector who do not have access to high-cost insurance life and accident insurance schemes. He is also an active member of Shaping Entrepreneurship hub project that focuses on conducting surveys and interviews with the different startup to learn more about problems in day to day functioning of their business.


Research Interests

Numerous causes impel migrants to move to another country. For instance, globalization has increased the demand for workers in order to sustain national economies. Thus one category of economic migrants - generally from impoverished developing countries - migrates to obtain sufficient income for survival which has become an economic staple in a number of developing countries that interest me to study the most.