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Maha Shuayb the director of the Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS) since 2012. CLS is an independent research centre founded in the UK in 1983 and affiliated to St. Antony's College at the University of Oxford.  CLS also has offices in Lebanon at the Lebanese American University. Maha has a PhD in education from the University of Cambridge. Maha also teaches part-time at the Lebanese American University. She was a visiting scholar at various universities including University of Oxford and the American University of Beirut.  Maha's research focuses on the sociology and politics of education particularly equity and equality in education and the implications of the politicization of education particularly on marginalized groups. Over the past eight years, Maha has been occupied with the education response to the Syrian Refugee crisis in Lebanon. She has headed a number of research studies looking at access and quality of education for refugees and the bottlenecks. Her most recent studies include a comparative longitudinal study between Lebanon, Turkey, Germany and Australia which examines the impact of status on education provisions for refugees in the four countries. The study is funded by a Lyle Spencer grant. Maha alongside a team of scholars from University of Boston have also been awarded grant from the Dubai Cares Evidence for Education in Emergencies (E-Cubed) Research Envelope to conduct a study on the Promising Partnership Models for Education in Emergencies. Most recently Maha was awarded with Prof Cathrine Brun an ESRC grant to research youth trajectories from Education Employment in the context of displacement. Maha  has numerous publications on education, refugees including an edited book on education for social cohesion.


Education of refugee children


Key publications: 

A selection of publications. 

Shuayb, M. (2012) Rethinking Education for Social Cohesion: International case studies. London: Palgrave, McMillan: London. 

Shuayb, M. (2019) A critique of Education in humanitarian settings: Observations from the field. In C. Kyriakides and R. Torres (2019), Borders of Mass Destruction: Racialization, National Belonging and 'the Refugee. Routledge (US).

Crul, M. R. J., Lelie, F., Keskiner, E., Bunar, N., Shuayb, M., Biner, Ö., Schneider, J. (2019). How the different policies and school systems affect the inclusion of Syrian refugee children in Sweden, Germany, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey. Comparative Migration Studies.

Shuayb M. (2018), "Who shapes education reform policies in Lebanon? Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, DOI: 10.1080/03057925.2018.1434409

Shuayb, M. (2015) Human Rights and Peace Education in the Lebanese

Civics textbooks: a comparative lens, Research in Comparative and International Education

March, 10,  (1).

Shuayb, M. (2014) The Art of Inclusive Exclusions: Educating the Palestinian Refugee Students in Lebanon, Refugee Survey Quarterly, Volume 33, Issue, 2, March, p.1- 18. 

Director, Centre for Lebanese Studies
Dr Maha  Shuayb
Not available for consultancy