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Maira Tito is a brazilian lawyer, has a Master degree in international public law (Brasília, 2009) and currently is a PhD candidate at the School of Law - NOVA University of Lisbon (Lisbon, 2018/2019). Her field experience includes legal advice for the three levels of brazilian public administration (federal, state and local) and consulting for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (Brasília, 2006). As an academic, she's been a professor (State University of Londrina, 2015/2016),published several articles and a book that gathers papers on the relationship between liberalism, neoliberalism and legal systems. Her areas of expertise are constitutional law, international public law, globalization, citizenship, migration.


My main research interest is the demand for a global citizenship identified in the work of professors Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt: Empire (2005) and Multitude (2005). By describing the social player called multitude, the authors point out its characteristics and some of its demands, as the minimum income guarantee and the global citizenship, that are nowadays represented by the migration flows on the Mediterranean Sea and Central and North America, among others. By analysing the theoretical landmark of the concept of citizenship and the current norms related to it, I have been conducting research that aims to point out perspectives and challenges on the subject, specially concerning contemporary geopolitics and public international law.

PhD Candidate / Research associate, School of Law, NOVA University of Lisbon
Ms Maira  Tito

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