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Assistant Professor, Islamic History and Culture, Jagannath University, Dhaka


Md Ziaul Haque Sheikh is an Assistant Professor of Islamic history and Culture at Jagannath University, Dhaka, and a Ph.D. Research Fellow of International Relations at the South Asian University, New Delhi. His doctoral thesis is on “Assessing the Impact of Religious and Secular Constitutional Identities on Foreign Policy: Comparative Perspectives from South Asia.” Earlier, he worked with Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and WAVE Foundation’s Local Governance project funded by DANIDA.

Mr. Sheikh has presented several papers such as "Relevance of Constitutional Identity as “State’s Structural Identity”: Experiences from South Asia" at the Social Sciences Postgraduate Research Conference, 2018, University of South Wales, UK, “Thinking About the Role of Constitutional Identity on Foreign Policy: A Framework for Analysis at the 25th World Congress of Political Science 2018 held in Brisbane, Australia, “Reviewing the Great Power Attributes and the Status of the Ottoman Empire and Mughal India as Great power” at the 7th Uludag Conference on International Relations 2015 held at the Uludag University, Turkey.

His recent co-authored article "Military, Authoritarianism and Islam: A Comparative Analysis of Bangladesh and Pakistan" has been published in the Journal of Politics and Religion, Cambridge University Press. He has published one book titled ‘BitarkaRiti’ (Debate Rules) in 2009 and multiple research articles in the European Journal of Economic and Political Studies and Bangladesh International Institute of Strategic Studies’ Journal amongst others. Mr. Sheikh has been contributing as a social activist in fostering anti-corruption campaign, demanding war crime tribunals, protecting democratic rights, etc. and as a part of it, he has been writing commentaries and post-editorials in different national daily newspapers in Bangladesh since 2007.