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Mrs Saira Law

Mrs Saira Law

Founder, The Heretic Club


Saira was born in Kenya in 1966 and came to England in the early 1970s. Her other homes have been in the Black Country, Liverpool and Manchester. Her enduring interests in politics, philosophy, visual arts, mutations of the blues, rock ‘n’ roll and activism in youth and community work have forged her commitment to cultural pursuits and the pleasures and struggles of public engagement.

She started The Heretic Club in Manchester in 1999, organising public debates around local, national and international issues such as GM Foods, the losers and winners of the city's regeneration, race relations, youth culture etc in different venues in the city. She moved to Cambridge in 2004 and is currently an administrator in the NHS. She founded the club driven by a belief that issues of our day and their historic roots can be discussed by a variety of citizens. Free speech can help us explore conventions of our time, irrespective of an individual's formal education. Bringing dissenters and believers together face to face and invigorate the public sphere. The Heretic Club, where free speech reigns.

Research Interests

The Heretic Club will debate the political and moral issues of people forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster and economic emigration and immigration.