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Mr Serigne Saliou Cisse

Mr Serigne Saliou Cisse

League of Arab People, Chairman of diplomatic committee for Senegal


Mr. Cisse is a young Senegalese, expert Diplomatic, activist human Rights and Private International Consultant focusing on International Business Consultancy and Lobbying in the field of diplomacy, foreign Relation, Politic, Finance, Trade, Communication and Humanitarian issues.

Mr. Cisse deals with international Businessman Company and Government contacts to advise theme on the planning, implementation, and management of private and commercial, and promoting bilateral cooperation.

In Senegal; he worked as advisor to the former government of Guinea Bissau and others African government he was helping the Government to bring professional experience in Africa and around the world in the areas of capital raising and resource mobilization, strategic positioning, market research, development of public/private partnerships and project management. August 2014 : He attended the US-AFRICA Summit in Washington DC organized by the President Obama, he was with some personality as Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Michael Bloomberg former Mayor of NYC, the Secretary General of the African Union and more than fifty head of state and head of Government of African Countries. Serigne Saliou CISSE is the chairman of the Senegal diplomatic committee into League of Arab People.

In 2016 Mr Serigne Saliou Cissse received The Luxembourg Peace Prize as the first Senegalese who received the kind of prize.

Research Interests

Serigne Saliou Cisse is a peacemaker who believe to resolve all problems through dialogue, harmony and peace and love, he involved in many dialogue inter religion, community, migration etc.