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Themrise is an independent development professional with over 20 years of experience working with bilateral and multilateral agencies, governments (in South Asia and Canada), national and international NGOs and civil society organizations.Her expertise lies in conducting qualitative thematic and policy research studies. She specializes in international development, global migration and social policy. She has several academic and research publications to her credit in foreign aid assistance, migration and gender published by the University of Ottawa, the UN Migration Agency, and the International Labour Organization, among others. She has recently begun to flex her muscles as an Adjunct/Visiting Faculty at Habib University Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, in Karachi, Pakistan, her country of origin. Here, she teaches undergraduate courses in qualitative research, critiques of overseas development assistance and migration and social change. She is an occasional writer of op-eds for print and online mediums on poverty, migration and development. She blogs on issues of identity/belonging, social norms and the frustrations of modern society at


International migration policy formulation, citizenship and belonging, south-south migration, diaspora and transnationalism and the return and reintegration of migrants. Special focus on migration research by the South, for the South and building migration research capacity in the South.

Social policy researcher and analyst/University Lecturer
Ms Themrise  Khan

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