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Dr. Xheni Simaku holds a PhD in Media and Communication studies at the Istanbul Commerce University, in Turkey, focusing herself on comparative researches, in particular regarding Italian and Turkish media systems. She holds a MA in History and Institution of Middle East: Politics, Economy, Culture and Islamistic at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy. In 2018, Dr. Simaku was a Visiting Study Fellow at the University of Perugia, Italy, where she could complete her research on Italian media.

Dr. Simaku is currently conducting research projects at the Istanbul Commerce University, she is working at the EU research centre as project assistant and at the same time working at the International Office of Istanbul Commerce University, Turkey.
She published articles regarding globalization, new media, mass communication and journalism in Italy and Turkey.

Her research fields and scientific interests focus on comparative researches in media studies, cross- cultural researches, comparative politics, journalism, migration and gender studies.

Her interests are various, one of them can be related to communication under the very linguistic and didactic perspective, which gained during her MA in Venice, thanks to several courses and LLP held by prestigious Professors. The linguistic interests went on by teaching Italian to foreign in private schools since 2013 in Turkey.


I am interested in media and gender studies connected to refugees

Project Assistant, EU Research Centre, Istanbul Commerce University
Dr Xheni  Simaku

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