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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement


Centre members with focus on refugees

Cambridge Emergency and Displacement Group

The Sustainable Shelter Group


Projects that involve the University of Cambridge


Shelter Design Project: Healthy Housing for the Displaced

The Shelter Design Project's vision is to transform the lives of displaced people encamped in extreme conditions through an engineered solution to housing that promotes a new science of shelter design. This innovative project uses the current shelter occupants as part of the research team, rather than just a cohort to study. The project will lead to a transformative new science of shelter design based on multi-criteria optimisation that puts the social well being, health and thermal comfort of the shelter occupants at the center of the design process and allows an agile response.


Architectural Research & Design Projects for Yezedi Sharya IDP Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan

This is a two-fold initiative which includes:

1) On-site research, literature review and interviews with Sharya Camp residents and write-up, and

2) Design work and related research with indigenous architectural engineering students (aimed at ‘empowering locals’) for Yezedi Sharya IDP Camp with camp manager, Mr Hekari, serving as ‘client’ representative.


Refugee Access to Early Childhood Education and Care in the UK

Project to enhance the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) for preschool refugee children by providing tools to educators, child-care professionals and policy makers. Link to the Cambridge Language Sciences page here. Report written by Monica Poulter (Teacher Development Manager at Cambridge Assessment English), Dr Brechtje Post and Prof. Ianthi Maria Tsimpli, forms part of an Erasmus project involving educationalists in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium and Norway. Download the report here.