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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement


Education and Global Human Movement:

Research and Practice Hub 


Call for Applications:  

Research Fellowship in Education Research in Conflict and Crisis
British Academy Bilateral Research Chair 




Advance scholarly work on education and global human movement;

Facilitate collaborative research and create a scholarly environment to deepen the debate on education and global human movement;

Bring together distributed competences and knowledges from different disciplines across the university and beyond and conduct research that informs policy and practice in the field;

Bridge the current research and scholarly divide between global north and south in the field of education and global human movement;

Inform policy and donor agendas that shape existing practices;

Contribute to the current efforts to decolonise the field of education and global human movement from theoretical, methodological, relational, institutional, professional, practical and financial perspectives;

Support capacity building for early career scholars in the field across the globe with a focus on redressing inequalities created by current structures.




Conduct research on education and global human movement including comparative studies;

Facilitate seminars and webinars for academics, policy makers, practitioners and donors;

Create opportunities and spaces for emerging scholars to share and develop their knowledge and experiences in the field such as PhD retreats, summer institutes, workshops and seminars;

Initiate innovative methodological agendas to capture evidence of global human movement and inform evidence-based policy making;

Use traditional and alternative multi-lingual open sources and media platforms to disseminate insights from research.


Who are we:


Scholars in the field of education, forced migration, and global human movement based in the global north and south.



Founding Members:

Yongcan liu (co-convener) 

Maha Shuayb (co-convener)  

Cathrine Brun  

Mai Abou Moghli