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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement


Global conflicts, emergencies and displacement require expertise and engagement across the collegiate university, as well as for policies and interventions at home and abroad. Whether Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria or Ukraine, these wars, emergencies and displacements have once again illustrated difficulties of understanding the complexity of crises and mitigating their effects at home and abroad, whether in terms of politics of humanitarian aid, donations and local partnerships, or in terms of dealing with refugee arrivals and disrupted education. We seek to understand conflicts in historical, regional and global contexts, within their prevalent histories and cultures and offer appropriate responses. In responses, we seek to provide for synergies and efficiencies across the collegiate university in research and practice, allow crises to be analysed in historical, societal and regional context, and avoid simple, fragmented and uncoordinated responses.



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Study Groups: Borders, Colonialism and Migration