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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement

 Stephen  Ajadi
PhD Candidate, Lab of Interdisciplinary Spatial Analysis (LISA), Land Economy
 Wesam  Al Asali
PhD Candidate, Department of Architecture
Emeritus Professor Madeleine  Arnot
Jesus College and the Faculty of Education
Co-Founder, Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement
Dr Naures  Atto
Faculty of Divinity
Postdoctoral Fellow in World Christianities
PI Aramaic-Online Project
Dr. Tugba  Basaran
Executive Director, Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement
 Dorien  Braam
PhD Gates Scholar, Veterinary Medicine
Dr Mark  Breeze
Director of Studies in Architecture, St. John's College, Cambridge
Founding Chair, The Shelter Group, University of Cambridge
Visiting Scholar, The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement
 Chih-Chun  Chen
Research Associate, Complexity Scientist
Dr Georgia  Cole
Research Fellow, Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies at Newnham College
Ms Tori  Coleman
Research Officer, Assessment Research and Development. Cambridge Assessment
Dr Adam  Coutts
Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)
Steering Group Member - Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement
Dr Claire  Fenton-Glynn
Dr Sinead  Fitzsimons
Research Officer, Cambridge Assessment, University of Cambridge
Miss Jennifer Ward George
PhD Candidate, Department of Engineering
Dr Jackie  Greatorex
Principal Research Officer, Research Division. Cambridge Assessment
PhD Candidate, Department of Geography
Mr Ian  Hosking
Senior Research Associate, Department of Engineering
Professor Marga  Jann
Visiting Research Fellow, Sociology. University of Cambridge
Professor & Chair, Architectural Engineering. American University of Kurdistan
Dr Mona  Jebril
Research Fellow, Center for Business Research. Cambridge Judge Business School
Dr Martin  Johnson
Senior Researcher, Research Division, Cambridge Assessment
Dr Irit  Katz
Lecturer in Architecture and Urban Studies
Dr Yongcan  Liu
Faculty of Education
Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement
 Sigrid  Lupieri
PhD Candidate, Centre of Development Studies (POLIS)
Dr Liz  Maber
Lecturer, Faculty of Education
 Jane  Mann
Director of Education Reform, Cambridge University Press
Dr Christopher  Martin
Education Advisor, Education Reform. Cambridge University Press
Dr Annamaria  Motrescu-Mayes
Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology
Fellow and Tutor at Clare Hall
Member of the Cambridge Digital Humanities Network, University of Cambridge
Mr Bill  Nichol
Lecturer Design & Technology Education, Faculty of Education
Dr William  O'Reilly
Faculty of History
Steering Group Member - Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement
Dr John   Orr
University Lecturer in Concrete Structures
Healthy housing for the displaced - creating a new science of shelter design for the 1 billion displaced people
Dr Alfred  Oti
Research Associate in Digital Design and Creativity, Engineering Design Centre
Mr Toby  Parsloe
PhD Candidate, Department of Architecture
Member of the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research (UCR)
 Garrett  Rubin
PhD student in the Education Faculty
PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology