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I am a lecturer in sociology of education. My work focuses on issues of gender and education in situations of conflict and transition, including a focus on displacement and cross-border movements. In particular, I’m interested in the roles and contributions of different education providers in emergency contexts, including civil society and women-led community organisations, in challenging social inequalities, addressing legacies of violence and seeking to move towards socially-just peace. I worked previously in education and development as a teacher, trainer and curriculum writer in contexts affected by conflict and legacies of violence in different ways (Tunisia, Chile, Myanmar and Thailand), as well as with CSOs and refugee communities in Thailand, Australia and the UK. These experiences have led to a natural dialogue in my research work between education practices, experiences of displacement and gender justice.


Research in gender and education in emergencies, conflict and political transitions.

Lecturer, Faculty of Education
Dr Liz  Maber

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