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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement



I am an experienced educator, academic manager and research coordinator with a strong interdisciplinary network. My research and teaching expertise is in Migration & Development and Inclusive Business.  I support collaborative research projects between the private sector and academia (eg partnerships between global health and nutrition companies and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership). I am an Associate of Clare Hall college and a member of Centre for Science and Policy at Cambridge (CSAP), The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement and the University of Cambridge Global Challenges Strategic Research Initiative.


Projects I currently work on:


Key publications: 

Vulnerability, poverty and sustaining well-being. In: G Atkinson, S Dietz, E Neumeyer and Matthew Agarwala (eds). Handbook of Sustainable Development 2nd Ed. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar (with W N Adger) (2014)

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Migration, social networks and risk: the case of rural to rural migration in Vietnam. Journal of Vietnamese Studies 7 (4) (2012)

Stretched Livelihoods – the social and economic connections between the Red River Delta and the Central Highlands. In: Sikor et al. (eds) Upland transformations: Opening boundaries in Vietnam. National University of Singapore Press (NUSP): Singapore (2011)

Migration & Climate Change. DFID Climate Change Knowledge Network Briefing Note (CDKN), London (with N Brooks) (2011)

Nested and networked vulnerabilities to environmental change. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 7(3): 150–157 (With W N Adger and H Eakin) (2009)

Nested Vulnerability: exploring cross-scale linkages and tele-connections in Mexican and Vietnamese coffee systems. Environmental Science & Policy 12 (4): 398-412 (with H Eakin and J Sendzimir) (2008)

Rural in-migration and global trade: managing the risks of coffee farming in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Mountain Research and Development. 28 (1) (Feb 2008)

Frontier Migration and Social Capital in Vietnam. in G Mutz & R Klump (Eds.) Modernisation and Social Transformation in Vietnam. Hamburg: Institut für Asienkunde, pp 94-112 (2005)

Teaching and Supervisions


Alexandra’s teaching ranges from undergraduate geography and development studies, to postgraduate teaching on migration and development. Alexandra tries to engage students in contemporary debates and by drawing on her empirical experiences in Vietnam and Kenya to help bridge the divide between theory and practice of international development issues. Her research interests centre around mobility, livelihoods and vulnerability.

Dr Alexandra  Winkels
Not available for consultancy