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Research Horizons - Spotlight: Migration

last modified Jun 08, 2018 12:58 PM
Migration is the Spotlight topic in this issue of Research Horizon
Research Horizons - Spotlight: Migration

Research Horizons Magazine. Issue 23

Research Horizons - Spotlight: Migration

Migration, the topic of our Spotlight focus in this issue of Research Horizon, seems to be rarely out of the news. Migration-related research is highly inter-disciplinary and, here in Cambridge, we have a thriving group of researchers who have come together to investigate this critical theme. Their research is helping to build understanding of the processes of migration and it's 'drivers', both today and through-out history, as well as it's impact on the social fabric , and it's relevance for policy and governance. Download the full magazine here


Welcome to the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement

The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement aims to build on strong institutional engagement by the University with one of the greatest societal challenges of the 21st Century, that of human movement, dispersal, mobility, and migration to create a transdisciplinary centre of research excellence.

 We do hope you will get involved