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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement


Architectural Research & Design Projects for Yezedi Sharya IDP Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan


This is a two-fold initiative which includes:

1) On-site research, literature review and interviews with Sharya Camp residents and write-up, and

2) Design work and related research with indigenous architectural engineering students (aimed at ‘empowering locals’) for Yezedi Sharya IDP Camp with camp manager, Mr Hekari, serving as ‘client’ representative


Sponsors: American University of Kurdistan (AUK) / University of Cambridge Sociology Department


Team Members:

Team Leader: Marga Jann, RIBA, AIA, DPUC (Cambridge Visiting Research Fellow (Sociology) & Chair/Professor, AUK)

Design Critics: Serhan Hakgudener, Kawar Salih, Hariwan Zebari

Consulting Support Team: Razaq Ferhadi, Michael McClellan, Nazar Numan

AUK Architectural Engineering Students: Ahmed Khalid, Darstan Mahdi, Lana Mustafa, Natalie Zaya


Dates: January 2019 to present (ongoing)


Site: Sharya (Yezedi) IDP Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan / Camp Manager: Tekar Hekari


Methodology: On-site architectural research (site visits, interviews, precedent studies, comparative analyses, energy and lighting investigation, & related) and design with local AUK architectural engineering students and faculty for Sharya IDP Camp (orphanage, community centre, daycare facility & pre-school, infill bath/kitchen units, prototypical shelter/housing, landscape design and master planning)

Publication in progress: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Refugee Family Shelter Needs in Iraqi Kurdistan (Paul-Philippe Pare, Hariwan Zebari, Marga Jann)


Below are a few images of the camp and design projects:

Current Situation in Sharya Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan


Proposed Community Centre, Sharya Camp – Ahmed Khalid
mjann 01


Proposed Prototypical Housing/Shelter & Master Planning

(Detail) for Sharya Camp – Darstan Mahdi

mjann 02


Landscaping Sketch for Daycare / Master Plan / Playground

Prototype – Natalie Zaya

mjann 03


Orphanage (Girls’ Home / Boys’ Home) – Lana Mustafa
mjann 04