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Refugees in Cambridge - Past and Present


Cambridge has a long-standing history of welcoming refugees. Cambridge was a haven for refugees from Fascist Europe in the years 1933-45. It remains an active and welcoming community for those fleeing their home countries. The university as well as a number of colleges have for long supported students and scholars in exile and provided scholarship and other financial means.


Profiles: Cambridge Students and Staff



The year was 1992 . Exactly 30 years ago. Overnight, my world was turned upside- down. The country that I was born in, Yugoslavia, was literally falling apart. One day I was living a carefree childhood, going to school and playing with my friends, and the next, uniformed men and guns were everywhere. For a few months leading up to that April, there seemed to be a lot of tension in the air and I remember my father constantly watching political programmes on tv. All of a sudden, everyone was talking about war...

by Adisa Broadhurst, Department of Psychiatry