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Anna Forringer-Beal is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies. Her work focuses on how the White Slave Panics of 1880-1920 have influenced the formation of anti-human trafficking policy in the United States and United Kingdom. She completed her MPhil in 2018 at the University of Cambridge, with distinction, and her BA in 2016 at the University of Michigan.


My research focuses on how past narratives surrounding immigration into the United States and United Kingdom shaped the perception of human trafficking as it was becoming legally codified in the early 1900s. I then aim to trace these narratives through to contemporay policies. General areas of interest include precarity and liminality in migration, queer identities in transit, and national identity formation.

PhD Candidate, Politics & International Studies, University of Cambridge
Ms Anna  Forringer-Beal

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