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Dr Brendan Burchell

Dr Brendan Burchell


Department of Sociology


Dr Burchell is the director of the Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Research Centre, and Director of Graduate Education for Sociology and has recently been Head of Department, as well as a Director of Studies and a Tutor at Magdalene College.  He has supervised over twenty PhD students and many MPhil students.

Dr Burchell’s main research interests centre on the effects of labour market conditions on wellbeing.  Recent publications have focussed on unemployment, job insecurity, work intensity, part-time work, zero-hours contracts, debt, occupational gender segregation and self-employment. Most of his work concentrates on employment in Europe, but current projects also include an analysis of job quality, the future of work, stress and trauma in police work, youth self-employment in developing countries and the effects of Brexit on migrants and labour markets. He works in interdisciplinary environments with psychologists, sociologists, economists, lawyers and other social scientists.

Dr Burchell’s undergraduate degree was in Psychology, followed by a PhD in Social Psychology.  His first post in Cambridge was a joint appointment between the social sciences and economics in 1985, and he has been in a permanent teaching post in at Cambridge since 1990.

Research Interests

Brendan Burchell is particularly interested in the links between migration and employment, in particular the relationship between migration and entrepreneurship.