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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement



  • Foreign policy analyst with a special knowledge of the EU and the Member States.
  • Particularly interested in the way in which domestic and foreign policies are inextricably entwined - through an analysis which takes in: the free movement of labour within the EU and the ‘hard’ external frontier against both legal and illegal migration from outside the Union, and the way in which this becomes politicised, such that immigration policy becomes foreign policy, and vice versa; Competition between national policies; bilateral ‘readmission agreements’ with individual third states (eg Italy with Libya); the impact of political crises which produce large refugee populations (as in Syria) on the binding together of foreign policy, legal obligations, and domestic politics; the concomitant rise of populist anti-immigration parties, exacerbated in the context of economic crisis (cf Greece).
Department of Politics and International Studies
Professor Christopher  Hill

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Not available for consultancy