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Dorien Braam

Dorien Braam

PhD Gates Scholar, Veterinary Medicine

Dorien Braam is available for consultancy.


Dorien Braam previously worked with the UN, Netherlands Government and NGO’s across Asia and Eastern Africa focusing on forced migration, protection, human rights and shelter, before returning to academia with a MSc in International Animal Health (Edin), writing a thesis on animal health in complex humanitarian emergencies. For her PhD in Veterinary Medicine she studies zoonoses - diseases transmitted between animals and humans - in displaced populations, with a focus on the Greater Horn of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

Research Interests

I study the risk factors and drivers of zoonoses - diseases transmitted between animals and humans - in displaced populations, addressing some of the most pressing global challenges: climate change, displacement and emerging infectious diseases.

Key Publications

(2020) Power, Participation and their Problems: A consideration of power dynamics in the use of Participatory Epidemiology for One Health and zoonoses research. Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 2020. Ebata A., Hodge C., Braam D., Waldman L., Sharp J., MacGregor H., Moore H.

(2015) Integrating resilience in South Asia. Zhou M. and Braam D. Forced Migration Review 49, pp 64-5. 2015.


(2020). ILO. Study on the recruitment and placement of migrant fishers from Indonesia: an ILO working paper. Braam D., Zhou M., Hantyanto A., Fadhila N.

(2019) IOM/ UNICEF. Child Labour in the Context of Migration. Braam D.

(2019) ILO. Indonesia’s fisheries human rights certification system: assessment, commentary and recommendations. Braam D.

(2015) NRC. Community Resilience and Disaster Related Displacement in South Asia. Zhou M. and Braam D.

Op Eds and Other

(2020) Localising support to displaced populations during and after Covid-19. Coronatimes. Braam D.

(2020) Refugees at increased risk of coronavirus due to barriers to healthcare. The Conversation (Canada). Braam D. and Molnar P.

(2020) Coronavirus lockdowns force the world’s poorest into deadly trade-offs between their health and livelihoods. The Conversation (UK). Braam D.

(2020) Covid-19 impact on zoonotic disease risk solutions in displaced populations. The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement. Braam D.