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Migration Studies
Chinese Rural-Urban Migration 中国城乡人口流动
Urban Planning and Design
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Joseph Hongsheng Zhao is a Henry Lester Trust Scholar and PhD Researcher based in the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge. He gained his first degree in Bachelor of Social Science in Urban Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1 Hon) with a Capstone Thesis on Hong Kong Homeless People before obtaining an MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration at Cambridge with a Merit dissertation on Planning Institutions in Hong Kong. He also served as a former Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Department of Architecture, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore and a Lanson Exchange Scholar at McGill University, Canada. He was a visiting student at Yuanpei College at Peking University, Sun Yat-Sen University and James College at the University of York.


I am interested in the internal migrant workers in China between the rural area and different tiers of cities under the current household registration (hukou) system, especially their adaptations and impacts on the local culture and building environment.



Key publications: 

Zhao, H. & Ng, M. K. (2020). An inclusive Hong Kong through public spaces for urban homeless. Proceeding of International Conference of Urbanism. Jakarta, 2019.

Other publications: 

Chen, L. & Zhao, H. (2020). Study on optimization of cultivated land pattern in Heilongjiang province based on cultivated land system security (forthcoming).

Zhao, H. & MacDonald, K. (2020). Planner’s practice of power under institutional codes: A case study of Hong Kong’s Lantau tomorrow vision (forthcoming).

Wang, H., Liu, X., Fu, X. & Zhao, H. (2020). Spatial differentiation of land ecology-production-living carrying capacity in Chongqing city (forthcoming).

PhD Representative in Land Economy
Technical Advisor on Migration, ASEAN Development Outlook Project
Convenor of Cambridge Chinese Migration Studies Group
Incoming Executive Member of the Cambridge Migration Society
National Executive Committee, UK Federation of Chinese Professionals (UKFCP)
Committee Member, Visiting Student and Scholar Division, Cambridge CSSA
 Joseph Hongsheng Zhao

Contact Details

Email address: 
+44(0)7873-530 570
Available for consultancy