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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement

Areas of interest include: the migration-development and migration-security nexus; curriculum decolonization; the study of policy organisations; education responses to displacement; borders and governance.


I work in education and curriculum research at Cambridge Assessment, having joined the research department in early 2020. My past work experience includes working for Oxfam GB, UNESCO, and as a consultant for the European Commission in research and communications capacities, in the fields of education and migration.

I completed my PhD at the Centre of Development Studies, Cambridge University in May 2020. My PhD focused on the EU's cooperation with West African countries in migration and I conducted fieldwork in Senegal, Ghana and Brussels in 2017-2018. My thesis examines the politics of migration policy formulation and the ability of African countries to shape migration governance agendas.


Research Officer at Cambridge Assessment in Education and Curriculum.

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