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Paolo Campana is a University Lecturer in Criminology and Complex Networks. He joined the Institute in January 2015. Prior to moving to Cambridge, Paolo was a Research Fellow at the Extra-Legal Governance Institute, Department of Sociology, University of Oxford and a Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford. He was also a member of the Centre for Corporate Reputation at the Said Business School, Oxford. Previously, he held positions as a Research Officer at the Centre for Criminology (University of Oxford: 2007) and then a Research Associate at the same centre (2008-2010). He holds a PhD from the University of Turin.

He is currently working on the issue of the trafficking and smuggling of drugs and human beings into Europe, and the internal structure of Mafia-like organisations. In addition, he is investigating the mechanisms underpinning corporate fraud. His recent work has appeared in the European Journal of Criminology, Rationality and Society, Policing, Trends in Organised Crime and Global Crime, and it has been translated into Chinese, French and Italian.


Organised crime and forms of extra-legal governance; corporate crime and fraud; trust, reputation and mechanisms of cooperation in illegal settings; human trafficking and smuggling

Teaching and Supervisions

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Paolo welcomes proposals from prospective Ph.D. students with an interest in network analysis and organised forms of criminality. The latter includes protection rackets, human trafficking and smuggling, drug trafficking, gangs, cybercrime and possibly terrorist networks. Proposals with a strong network analysis component are most welcome. Students are advised to contact me by email with a short summary of their research proposal before submitting an application.

Institute of Criminology, Lecturer in Criminology and Complex Networks
Dr Paolo  Campana

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