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Reetika is a journalist and researcher from Mumbai, India. She is currently a first year PhD Candidate at the Cambridge Centre for Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies on the Gates Cambridge Trust International Scholarship. Her work is anchored in the intersections between migration and areas such as gender, informal work and urban governance.


In my PhD research, I attempt to look at the role and experiences of adolescent girls compelled to migrate as footloose, waged labour along with their families on account of intense and frequent droughts in India's historically drought-prone and caste-ridden Marathwada region. The project stems from my previous experience as Senior Consultant with the Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions, a knowledge hub for labour and migration in western India. Drawing from its practice, the Centre focuses on research, policy advocacy, teaching and training on issues related to identity, occupational health and safety, housing and entitlements of inter-state migrants in India.

First year PhD Candidate on the Gates Cambridge Trust Scholarship, Centre for Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, Department of Politics and International Studies. University of Cambridge.
Ms Reetika  Subramanian

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