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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement


Refugee Arts Festival


Saturday, 22nd of June 2024
11.00- 16.00 Alison Richard Building (Sidgwick Site), University of Cambridge


Join us for an engaging programme honouring and celebrating refugees with our partner CamCRAG.  A family day, with musical performances, ceramic arts, visual arts and films and documentaries. It engages with the diversity of refugee experiences in an effort to uphold refugee rights. This day is in celebration of and with those in exile. The event is free and all welcome (including children).

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Poet Homan Yousofi is an award-winning poet, poetry translator, playwright, and short story fiction writer. He is co-founder of Inktrails creative writing company, with recent commissions for the V&A museum, BBC television, and international projects spanning several continents and perspectives. He's taught writing at The University of Wales, and heads mentoring projects with young writers in Greece and Afghanistan. Homan is also currently designing the creative well-being programme at The Mental Health Foundation.


Islamic Geometry Workshop

Elmira Zadissa & Ramona Zadissa



Join us in challenging conventional norms and embrace a new form of intimacy through collaborative creativity and collective learning. We explore the hidden mathematical structures behind the intricate patterns of Islamic art, where mathematics, spirituality, and aesthetics converge seamlessly. 

In this hands-on workshop facilitated by Elmira Zadissa (She/Her) and Ramona Zadissa (They/Them), you'll have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other participants to construct Islamic geometric patterns. And also, engaging in discussions that challenge the conventional narrative, questioning the norms of mainstream culture, and fostering an environment that values creativity and diversity. 

We welcome participants with experience of forced displacement. Children are welcome to participate with an accompanying adult. Workshop for 15-20 people.


Clay workshop

Grmalem Kasa


In this workshop we will make an Eritrean style coffee mug, which is highly recommended to use when guests are around. It represents Eritrean and Ethiopian culture in many ways.  Clay is for instance what we believe as Christians is what the first human was made of by God. My name is Grmalem Kasa, I am from Eritrea but live and work in UK. I work with clay a part of my degree at UCA. Since my childhood I have always been interested in community and cultural identity and how it is expressed through creativity.  We will together make coffee cup and talk about community, culture and coffee!

Workshop for 15 people. We don’t want you to get your clothes dirty, so you need to bring apron or wear clothes that are not precious to you as well as a towel.


Amor Mundi




11.15 - 12.45 Islamic Geometry Workshop

13.00 - 14.30 Make your Eritrean Coffee Cup Workshop

14.30 - 16.00 Amor Mundi: Arendt & Refuge


Various stalls & fun

A list of the stalls: vintage clothing, Syrian food; drinks; cakes; art stalls, charity stalls and information; children’ art workshop; raffle; craft  stalls


Meet Bessie from the Cambridgeshire Libraries


Come and meet Bessie the Book Bike! Bessie is on a mission to promote reading and fun around Cambridge and beyond. You'll be able to listen to stories, browse and borrow books, join the library or renew your membership, and chat to friendly library staff who’ll be happy to let you know more about all the great things Cambridgeshire Libraries have to offer. We look forward to seeing you there!





Saturday, 22 June, 2024 - 11:00
Event location: 
Cambridge (ARB)