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Migration and the decision to leave the EU

When Oct 12, 2019
from 01:30 PM to 03:30 PM
Where Cambridge Central Library, Lion Yard, Cambridge, CB2 3QD
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The Heretic Club will debate the political and moral issues about people forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster and economic emigration and immigration.

Some British citizens can seem resentful that their communities have undergone dramatic changes as a result of immigration policies. Why is the issue of immigration the symbol of political marginalisation of ordinary people? Does asserting that freedom of movement as an individual right neglects a collective right to a border? Why are politicians not consulting citizens about the type of immigration policy we would like?

If you voted Leave or Remain, The Heretic Club is driven by a belief that issues of our day and their historic roots can be discussed by all citizens. Free speech can help us explore conventions of our time, irrespective of an individual's formal education. Bringing dissenters and believers together to invigorate public debate.


  1. Immigration from the late 1800s sovereign states and freedom of movement. What has historically been the political approach to migration and patriotism in Britain? Is it utopian to want freedom of movement for all? What political conflicts has immigration caused amongst citizens? – Maurice Glasman, Senior Lecturer in Political Theory, London Metropolitan University
  2. Are border controls a flexing of the coercive arm of a state across the globe or the legitimate response of national sovereignty? Are open borders a threat to our nation state and to citizens? – Jon Holbrook, Barrister.
  3. Was the Brexit vote of 17.4m a show of xenophobia and an indicator of the renewal of fascism in Britain? How do we account for a high level of Black, Minority and Ethnic citizens who voted to Leave the EU? What would a democrat’s view of the future of immigration policy for Britain be? What could be in a manifesto? – Rakib Ehsan, Centre on Radicalisation & Terrorism

Suggested £4.50 donation to cover costs please
Social 15.30 in a local pub