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Thank you for your interest in joining us!



The membership programme of The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement has been designed to bring together academics that are interested in the study of human migration, mobility, and movement. It is our hope that members will discover other people with mutual and complementary research interests. To facilitate this co-operation, when you complete and submit this form a profile will be created for you on this website. By submitting your profile information you give us your permission to publish this profile to our members' directory*.


There are numerous benefits to being a member of the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement:

  • Connection to a large network of researchers from a range of backgrounds
  • Opportunity to receive and share migration and mobility news via our monthly newsletter
  • Support and facilitation of cross-disciplinary activities, including workshops, seminars and symposia

To apply for membership, simply fill out the form below. 


Please note that at present we are only accepting applications from University of Cambridge academics and students.



 *Please note that if you already have a profile on this website and would like to have it removed please email us at .