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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement


Old Wine in New Bottles? The European Union's Organizational Response to Reforming EU–African Migration Cooperation

In 2015, the European Commission responded to renewed demands from its political environment to achieve more results in its external relations with African countries in migration. This article explores how calls for action from domestic arenas formed an adaptation pressure on the EU's external migration governance, and first examines the implications of this for political cooperation and instrumentation. In assessing adaptation in these areas, this article addresses the question of whether a fundamental redefinition of the EU's engagement with African states has occurred. Secondly, the article proposes that mal-integration of policy emerges as an organizational compromise that allows a number of functional interests to be met. It allows for the broad enlisting of support from different parts of the administration; it enables the performance of a response to demands that cannot be realistically met; and allows a reconciling of different interests under one approach.


Identifying the research gap of zoonotic disease in displacement: a systematic review

Global Health Research and Policy volume 6, Article number: 25 (2021)

Outbreaks of zoonotic diseases that transmit between animals and humans, against a backdrop of increasing levels of forced migration, present a major challenge to global public health. This review provides an overview of the currently available evidence of how displacement may affect zoonotic disease and pathogen transmission, with the aim to better understand how to protect health and resilience of displaced and host populations.


Lockdowns, lives and livelihoods: the impact of COVID-19 and public health responses to conflict affected populations - a remote qualitative study in Baidoa and Mogadishu, Somalia

Conflict and Health volume 15, Article number: 47 (2021)

Authorities in Somalia responded with drastic measures after the first confirmed COVID-19 case in mid-March 2020, closing borders, schools, limiting travel and prohibiting most group functions. However, the impact of the pandemic in Somalia thereafter remained unclear. This study employs a novel remote qualitative research method in a conflict-affected setting to look at how some of the most at-risk internally displaced and host populations were impacted by COVID-19, what determined their responses, and how this affected their health and socio-economic vulnerability.


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