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Black Lives Matter

last modified Jun 23, 2020 01:39 PM

The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement stands with students and all other colleagues in the University of Cambridge who wish to acknowledge that universities are not free from racial discrimination and who wish us all to do better to ensure equality and fairness in all that we do and say, working towards full inclusion.  The tragedy of the killing of unarmed George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis has reminded us all too painfully and forcefully that Black Lives Matter, not only in America, but in all societies, including Cambridge.  The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement serves as a central point in the University for those concerned to research and address the negative dimensions of  global human movement, forced  migration and human trafficking included, with all the trauma, social dislocation and injustices that human movement can entail.  


For the CGHM:   Loraine Gelsthorpe (Criminology/CGHM), Tugba Basaran (CGHM), Di Kennedy (CGHM), Jenny Mander (MML/CGHM), and Yongcan Liu (Education/CGHM)