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“Idomeni - Waiting for Home” – a documentary photo-book

last modified Jul 20, 2020 08:48 AM

We would like to introduce you to Idomeni - Waiting for Home a documentary photo-book made by our long-standing colleague, Alkisti in collaboration with sociologist Nina Walch and the Intiative Minderheiten Tirol. The book aims to document and tell the story of those trapped in the refugee settlement of Idomeni, along the Greek-North Macedonian border, in 2016. Using a combination of photographs, stories & direct quotes from residents as well as sociological findings, it provides insight into the daily life of people living in the camp and their constant fight for their voices being heard. This book aims to shift rhetoric on migration to highlight the strength and resilience of Europe's displaced communities, while advocating for more dignified and humane treatment of people on the move.

The book is printed in both English and German, and includes a combination of photos coupled with references to reports and sociological papers about life in refugee camps. The whole point is to raise awareness about the way people are being treated and to try and change the rhetoric from focusing on aggression and victimhood to instead focusing on resilience and dignity. It is intentionally written in non-academic language so that it can be accessible to a wider audience. There is more information available:

The book is available to order via:

10% of all proceeds from books sales directly through this website will be donated to charities still actively providing assistance to refugees in Greece.