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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement

The Learning Passport Collaboration between Cambridge and UNICEF

The Learning Passport is a partnership with UNICEF to help children and young people facing barriers to learning because of poverty, discrimination, conflict and disaster. It is a true pan-Cambridge collaboration, drawing on people from Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Assessment and various parts of the academic University, including the Faculty of Education, Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement, Department of Psychology and Faculty of Engineering.

The Cambridge partners have been developing curriculum frameworks to cover maths, science and literacy, together with a specially-designed programme to meet children’s social and emotional learning needs. Microsoft are also involved, and are looking at how best to support the delivery of learning materials and to provide a digital record of students’ progress through a cloud-based platform, which will be accessible online and offline.

The aim is for the Learning Passport to support and supplement both formal and non-formal education in many different places and contexts across the world, partnering with people working on the ground to ensure the product best meets the needs of children who are displaced or who face other barriers to learning.