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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement



An education researcher specialising in creative arts practice, pedagogy and research for young people’s self-development, social justice and inclusion in education. As a Cambridge DTP ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, she is currently working on a project Poetic Justice Values looking
at the role of UK spoken word poetry in youth’s spiritual education and empowerment. Following a PhD in Education (Gates Cambridge Scholarship), University of Cambridge, she worked as a Senior Research Assistant for the Drug Policy Voices project in the Department of Sociology, MMU. As a poet, Afrodita has performed across Europe, and published a trilingual poetry chapbook ‘Midnight Reading’ (2016) as part of the poetry platform Versopolis for emerging European Poets as well as a poetry collection in Macedonian language ‘Bewitching’ (2010).


As ethnically Aromanian, I am interested in the role of creative critical communities and poetry of witness across borders in forging cross-cultural solidarity, heritage literacy and keeping alive endangered languages.

ESRC Post-doc Research Fellow
Not available for consultancy