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Jenny is a Sigrid Rausing PhD Student at the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Department of Social Anthropology, and a member of King's College. Her doctoral research explores inter-Asian mobilities, sociocultural (re-)construction, and overlapping colonialities with people from Hong Kong to Hohhot who live amidst tensions between cosmopolitan aspirations and localist revivals.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Jenny was a public policy researcher at a major think tank in Hong Kong. She worked on issues related to eduction and economic development, analysing the bureaucratic implementation of applied education and policy infrastructures for new financial technologies.

She received her BA(Cantab) Human, Social, and Political Sciences from Churchill College in 2020. Her undergraduate dissertation in Social Anthropology, shortlisted for the Sue Benson Prize, explored how contemporary dancers' creative insurrection of classical ballet discipline in their artistic practice demonstrated an alternative form of criticality to the oppositional logic of 'resistance' and 'parrhesia' that arguably underpinned the escalation of sociopolitical conflicts in Hong Kong, during summer 2019 when her fieldwork was conducted.


Inner Asia; Inner Mongolia; Hong Kong; nomadism; cosmopolitanism; colonialism; culture and politics

PhD Candidate, Dept of Social Anthropology

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