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Dr. Zeina Al Azmeh is a political sociologist whose work sits at the intersection of cultural sociology, migration studies, and the sociology of knowledge. More specifically, her work examines the cultural sociologies of exiled intellectuals in the context of the contemporary Middle East with a focus on the Arab Revolutions and counterrevolutions. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Arab Council for the Social Sciences, and a Research Associate at the Centre of Governance and Human Rights, and at Christ’s College, University of Cambridge. Her recent publications include articles in the fields of sociology intellectuals, cultural sociology and the sociology of higher education and conflict.


Zeina is interested in the intersections between cultural trauma, forced migration, and the sociology of intellectuals, focusing on the role of exiled Syrian intellectuals' in the construction of a Syrian cultural trauma and how such a role interacts with current and previous understandings of the political role of intellectuals. Her previous work explored the relationship between nomadic subjectivity and the idea of home as a place of fixity, particularly in the context of exile and displacement.
PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology

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