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Our Network

CCARHT is at the forefront of delivering contextualised, evidence based strategies for organisations, be they local authority, churches, mosques, businesses, leisure and transport providers, retailers and producers, to address Human Trafficking.

CCARHT started its life ten years ago as a small,  virtual network of academics, social entrepreneurs, enforcement personnel, Not for Profit organisations and political lobbyists gathered from across Europe.  Steadily this has spanned out into the Americas, Oceania, Asia, and Africa, all networked out of our Cambridge Offices, organisations, academics, professionals and politicians who are deeply concerned to see applied research, married with the passion which this arena of human abuse naturally evinces, brought to bear on the complex challenges of Human Trafficking.

The annual CCARHT summer symposium offers a unique opportunity for considered reflection on key challenges facing organisations, businesses, policy makers, law enforcement and thought leaders to address with purpose Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. Further details here

Cambridge University Press - Cambridge University Press (CUP) dates from 1534 and is part of the University of Cambridge. Their mission is to unlock people's potential with the best learning and research solutions. CUP play a leading role in today's global market place, they have over 50 offices around the globe, and distribute their products to nearly every country in the world.

Central European University - The Centre has started collaboration with CEU (Institute for Advanced Studies) on ‘The State of Waiting’. Joint workshop for scholars planned for Cambridge, April/June 2019, an international conference for Budapest coupled joint graduate training for September 2019.

Ludwig-Maximillian University - Munich - The Centre has started collaboration with LMU (Institute for Advanced Studies) on ‘Migration, movement, waiting: On tensions between progress and stagnation’. Joint workshop for scholars and joint doctoral school are planned in Cambridge for April/June 2019, an international conference in Munich for September 2019.



Sciences Po - The Centre has started collaboration with Sciences Po Paris on movement, mobility and migrationJoint pilot workshop for scholars and PhDs will be held at Sciences Po, April 2018. This initiative is financed by CamPo Research Grants.

CAMMIGRES - The Cambridge Migration Research Network was established at  Cambridge University in 2014 by Professors Loraine Gelsthorpe and Madeleine Arnot.

Expanding on this successful initiative Loraine and Madeleine won funding from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences to establish the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement. The CAMMIGRES site is archived here for reference.