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He completed a PhD in Sociology at the University of Essex in 2013. His doctoral thesis was a qualitative study centered in East London, examining the life course of maturing black men, with a focus on criminal preclusion and non-criminal participation. The study made an original contribution to knowledge by highlighting the scholarly omission of black adult male populations within academic deliberation on 'race' and crime. The thesis highlighted the continued confinements of prejudice, discrimination and everyday racism's in the lives of black men, whilst rigorously engaging with a number of related areas such as familial configuration, identities and social position. Kenny is the author of Black men in Britain: an ethnographic portrait of the post Windrush generation. The book engages with an invisible population of Black men who grew up during 1970s and 80s post-industrial Britain, and as part of an environment that rendered them irrelevant and indistinguishable.


Commonwealth migration to Britain, specifically focused on the Anglophone Caribbean.

Affiliated Researcher, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge
Dr Kenny  Monrose

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