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Kristina t’Felt’s research to date examines the significations of the continuous growth of tourist mobility wold wide. One of the answers, establishing the fundamental problem of her PhD in Sociology, is the constancy of the noetic function when being Elsewhere. Meeting the Other and his Culture can be source of inspiration, pleasure, indifference or refusal. The meaning of moving is firstly imagined, then lived and later told producing varied mental and iconic images. Her research is confronting these three temporalities with an interest in the process of construction, deconstruction et reconstruction of the imaginary as an echo of the reality. The intercultural aspect in the interactions between host and guest as for the nature of the hospitality are essential components in the potential development of the Self Elsewhere. This conceptual frame can be applied to the two forms of mobilities: travel and migration.


The significations of the various forms of mobility, the dialectic relation between imaginary and reality, the noetic function of being elsewhere, the intercultural interactions.

Lecturer - Department of Sociology, University of Montpellier (FR) and University of Havre (FR)
Dr Kristina  t'Felt

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