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Our Associate Members

Dr Madeline-Sophie (Maddy) Abbas
  • Critical race and whiteness theories, Islamophobia, counter-terrorism and mechanisms of racial terror involved in the management and governance of racialised Others (both state and non-state)
Professor Antonella Alimento
  • Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Pisa
Dr Armando Aliu
  • Senior Lecturer, Principal Investigator. Graduate School of Foreign Trade, Istanbul Commerce University
Ms Sayomi Ariyawansa
  • Research Fellow / PhD Candidate, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne
Dr Andrew Baldwin
  • Associate Professor of Human Geography at Durham University
Dr Fathi Bourmeche
  • Assistant Professor, English Department. Faculty of Letters and Humanities, University of Sfax
Professor Gilllian Brock
  • Professor of Philosophy, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Ms Sophie Capicchiano Young
  • PhD Candidate, School of Advanced Study, University of London.
Professor Anthony Champion
  • Emeritus Professor of Population Geography at Newcastle University
Mr Sajaudeen Chapparban
  • Assistant Professor, Centre for Diaspora Studies, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, India
Rt Hon. Charles Clarke
  • Member of the Transatlantic Council on Migration
  • Member of the International Advisory Board of the Schengen White List Project
  • Member of the European Council for Foreign Relations
  • Visiting Professor in Economics and Migration at University College London
  • Fellow at CReAM (the Centre for Research and Analysis in Migration)
Associate Professor Emily Crawford
  • Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis. University of Missouri-Columbia
Zeynep Demir
  • Research associate / PhD Candidate, Faculty of Psychology - Developmental Psychology. Bielefeld University / Germany
Mr Abdul Salam Dharejo
  • Country Coordinator, Pakistan. Terre des hommes Germany
Dr Samir Djelti
  • Lecturer of economic geography and migration studies. Mustapha Stambouli University-Mascara Algeria
Mr Tugay Durak
  • PhD Candidate, Education, Practice and Society, UCL Institute of Education.
Ismail Einashe
  • A journalist and a researcher based in London, reporting on the migrant crisis from several countries in Europe and Africa. He is a 2017 Dart Centre Ochberg Fellow at Columbia University Journalism School.
Mrs Eihlam Elgamal
  • Masters student, Cultural studies. University of Oldenburg
Dr Karolina Follis
  • Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Politics, Philosophy and Religion. Lancaster University
Sara Forcella
  • PhD Candidate, Cultural Mediator. University of Rome, La Sapienza
Dr Sam George
  • Director, Global Diaspora Institute, Wheaton College
Dr Javier Grossutti
  • Adjunct Research Fellow, Department of Social Sciences. Swinburne University of Technology SUT (Melbourne, Australia)
Dr Genevieve Guetemme
  • Faculty of Education, University of Orleans (France)
  • Research affiliation to the REMELICE Laboratory (
Dr Russell Hargrave
  • Freelance reporter and political consultant
Ms Sophie Henderson
  • PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland
Dr Yewa S Holiday
  • Post Doctoral Research Associate and Teaching Fellow at Queen Mary University of London
  • Part-time Lecturer in Criminal Justice at the University of Chester
Barbara Janta
  • Senior Analyst at RAND Europe
Dr Sazana Jayadeva
  • Transnational student migration from India
Ms Themrise Khan
  • Social policy researcher and analyst/University Lecturer
Mr Boris Kilgarriff
  • Analyst. Working with the British-Yemeni Society and the Sana'a Center for Strategic Studies.
Dr Zsoka Koczan
  • Principal Economist, Transition Impact and Global Economics. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London
Mr Hussain Bux Korejo
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst. Population Welfare Department, Government of Sindh
Professor Kyoko Kusakabe
  • Professor of Gender and Development Studies, School of Environment, Resources and Development, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • Gender analysis of labour migration and women in the informal economy
Mrs Saira Law
  • Founder, The Heretic Club
Ms Eva Loreng
  • PhD Candidate, School of Development Studies. Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Mr Ewen Macleod
  • Division of Resilience and Solutions, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Mr Jesse Marks
  • Middle East Analyst, Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University
  • Formerly, University of Cambridge
Steven Martin
  • Research fellow, Faculty of Medical Science. Anglia Ruskin University
Ms Emilie McDonnell
  • DPhil in Law candidate, Law Faculty, University of Oxford
Mrs Chioma Michael-Ononugbo
  • PhD Candidate, University of Bradford
Dr Glen Milstein
  • Associate Professor, Psychology. The City College of the City University of New York
Dr Bayar Mustafa
  • Lecturer and Research Associate, International Studies, The American University of Kurdistan
Professor Rabia Nadir
  • Lecturer, Department of Media Studies, Art and Design and Environmental Science and Policy Studies. Lahore School of Economics.
Ms Nadia Petroni
  • PhD Candidate, International Relations. University of Malta
Dr Halleli Pinson
  • Education, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Dr Maria Psoinos
  • Psychology Professor at the American College of Thessaloniki.
Dr Raffaela Puggioni
  • Global Studies Research Associate, School of Global Studies. University of Sussex
Raluca Raduta
  • Programme manager/ Policy officer on the Facility for Refugees in Turkey / Migration cooperation
Ms Matilde Rosina
  • PhD candidate, European and International studies department, King's College London
Professor Kazunari Sakai
  • Professor of International Relations and EU Studies at the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University, Japan
  • EU’s external relations with neigbouring countries, migration issues across the Mediterranean Sea, and global governance related to migration
Dr Adriana Sandu
  • Senior Research Fellow/ PhD Programme Director, Education and Social Care. Anglia Ruskin University
Dr Xheni Simaku
  • Project Assistant, EU Research Centre, Istanbul Commerce University
Mrs Daniela Stauffacher
  • PhD Candidate, Study of Religions. University of Zurich
Ms Maira Tito
  • PhD Candidate / Research associate, School of Law, NOVA University of Lisbon
Dr Georgie Wemyss
  • Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging, University of East London
Ms Jackie Wilson
  • Neuro and Trauma ICU Nurse, Addenbrookes Hospital
  • Masters student, University of South Wales
Dr Birgul Yilmaz
  • British Academy Postdoctoral Researcher. Humanities, University of Westminster
Mr Hariwan Zebari
  • Lecturer, The American University of Kurdistan (AUK)