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Rebecca (Bex) Courtier completed her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. She is now a PhD student at Churchill College. Her specialisms are medieval and modern French literature, and she is highly interested in feminist, biopolitical, and postcolonial theory.


Bex's research will compare portraits of culturally marginal figures in medieval French literature with those of migrants in present-day French literature, emphasising their social and geographical movements. It will set up an interdisciplinary dialogue between medieval narratives that depict the liminal status of the ‘inside-outsider’—the internally subjugated, or soon-to-be subjugated (French) individual, whether by his/her fictional culture or manuscript narrator—and emergent migrant literature, which comments on the current Syrian and Iraqi migration crises from French perspectives.

PhD Candidate, MML - French, University of Cambridge

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