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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement

Global Conversations - Migrant Workers in the Gulf Region

Please find here the video of our first episode in a new series "Global Conversations - Frontlines during Covid-19."  

Mr Froilan Malit, a migration specialist at Gulf Labour Markets and Migration, joined us from Dubai for this virtual seminar. Froilan has worked for many years across the Gulf region with migrant workers, consulates and international organisations and has extensive experience in the protection of the rights of migrant workers. He explored with us the situation of migrant workers in the Gulf region, with a focus on coping and survival strategies of migrant workers during Covid-19 as well as the impact of Covid-19 on migration governance in the wider Gulf region.


Froilan Malit, Jr. is a Gulf migration specialist at the Gulf Labour Markets and Migration and  a managing director of Rights Corridor, a regional news platform and research on migration and rights issues.  Over the past decade, Froilan has lived and worked across the Gulf region, working as technical and migration policy consultant for a number of regional and international organizations, including the Abu Dhabi Dialogue, ILO, and IOM.  He is also an advisory committee member for the  ILO Regional Office for Arab States’s Migration Advisory Group and the Center for Global Development’s Labor Mobilty Project (LaMP). He holds degrees from Cornell University, the University of Oxford, and a migration certificate from the European University Institute.  He is currently studying international relations in the Department of POLIS at Cambridge.